Tuesday, August 26, 2008


First of all do not worry it's not referring to yours truly. One of my good friend will be migrating to Australia next week after accepting an offer from CSC (an IT support company) based in Sydney. The offer comes with an option for PR after one year.

It's good to see that more Malaysians is getting a very good opportunity from other country and for me that shows the through capability of Malaysians. It reminds me to fellow blogger such as Sri (chicago), Kak Teh and Pak Awang (London), Mamadou (Africa) and others.

To Nizam or better known to us as Jikiu I wish you and your family all the best and do keep in touch.

p/s : You should think seriously of having your own blog. Believe me it helps.


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Warehouse Sale....it's an event where the sales will be in a big warehouse and it's cheap. I've experienced that last weekend. It's an annual warehouse sale for SHARP ROXY Malaysia and it's located at their factory in Shah Alam.

We went there very early about 30 mins before the event which starts at 8.30 am. I spend 5 mins to look at my prime target which is the LCD TV (due to low budget mine will be the 32 inches)

8.15 am the sales start (15 mins early) and I straight away grab the LCD set that I've targeted earlier. Once paid and tested , I left the sale with a big smile because finally I've my own LCD TV (and for me that's a bIg achievement)

So what did I get :

1) A Sharp Aquas LCD TV 32 (market price is RM 2400. I bought it at RM 1400)
2) A saving of RM 1000
3) Satisfaction


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

R&R (Rehat dan Rawat)

Few years back one of my American friend told me how good is our R&R from his experience driving from KL to Penang and I just acknowledge that by saying OK.

But last weekend for the first time I took a shower at Tapah R&R and realized that we do have a very good resting facilities at our highway. And it's spacious. Although I do admit sometimes especially during peak it can be a bit chaos but overall kudos to PLUS and PROPLE for doing a very good job in maintaining the highway and its R&R


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


From Wikipedia (Cendol [pronounced 'chen-dul'] or es cendol is a traditional dessert originating from Java, Indonesia, but is also popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Southern Thailand (where it is called lorkchorng singapore ลอดข่องสิงคโปร์). The dessert's basic ingredients consist of shaved ice, coconut milk, starch noodles with green food coloring (usually sourced from the pandan leaf), and palm sugar. Red beans, glutinous rice, grass jelly, and creamed corn are optional additions)

And right here in Klang you can experience one of the best Cendol in Town. Located not far from "Emporium Makan" the outlet has been established since 1972. I've tasted few from other places but so far nothing compares to Cendol Klang.

Bon Apetite


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It's a biography of a great man Chris Kraft the first NASA Flight Director. He was born in a small town called Phoebus and further his study at Virginia Polytech. After his study he was due to join Chance Vought ( but was not accepted because of birth certificate problem). He join NASA (aeronautical research).

Involve in the space mission war between Russia and America (started with the Sputnik 1 mission). When JFK announce the Saturn and Apollo project Chris Kraft join STG (Special task Group). And his first task was to design the first NASA Control Center.

Was the mission control director when Apollo 11 (with Neil Amstrong,Buzz Aldrin and Collins) landed on the Moon. Kraft was also the Man in charge for the last Apollo project , Apollo 17.

Interesting fact: When the decision was to be made between Amstrong and Buzz Aldrin, on who'll be the first man in the moon by NASA, they decided on Amstrong because of his down to earth and soft spoken attitude that portrays better true american hero.



Weekend is the time to relax and to forget all the office related problem. When they created the TGIF ( Thank God it's Friday) they must be really glad that finally it's Friday and the next 2 days is a non-working day.

A lot of motivational books out there do share tips on how to utilize Saturday and Sunday breaks. Some suggest to plan (in writing ) the agenda of the 2 days. Others suggest that you need to wake up as early as possible to enjoy the breaks.

Last Friday, right after work I was invited by a good friend of mine to a karaoke sessions (fully sponsored) at redbox in Sunway Pyramid. It was a good session and I manage to contribute few songs (sort of hehehehe...) but I do notice that when the weekend starts as early as that friday night my weekend seems to be longer. Not sure if this works for everybody but for me it seems to be working.