Sunday, January 24, 2010


The english translation will be reading while your in the train (or light train or tube or subway). It's an event to be planned once a month by a group of book lover here in Malaysia. The first event was successfully held last 2 weeks and about 150 people turn up to give support.

It's one of the initiative to get more Malaysian to read and since LRT or subway is one of the mostly used transportation in the city, it can be considered as a moving reading place. Although some will disagree especially it's not easy to read while standing on the LRT but it is still for me a very good campaign to get Malaysian to read more.

I miss the first event but will try my best to join the next event.



ComeyBelako said...

wow! what a great start. 2 thumbs up!


salam zura,

zura leh create la something similar kat kulim and get INTEL to sponsor ...BACA @ PASAR MALAM ke ...hehehehe

louis said...

What a good idea! The participants in the pictures seem really absorbed in their reading. Soon they all be reading from Kindles and other e-readers and the LRT trains will all have W-fi for them.


hello louis,

what a very good idea, wifi in the train. That will definitely boost up the reading awareness. Hopefully during your next visit the infra will be ready ...