Sunday, March 28, 2010


People are reading everywhere. Another good sign of our current reading culture

Karangkraf, the biggest exhibitor for KLIBF 2010

This hall is meant for novel lovers

Another view from inside karangkraf exhibition hall

PTS using big balloon to attract attention

The bridge linking exhibition halls

Dr Fazley spotted at BESTA booth

The wealth motivation speaker Azizi Ali in the house

The main event stage where people will get opportunity to meet with the writers

My favourite booth SELVAM HOLDINGS

It's one of my must go event every year and for 2010 I've decided to go on the last day which also happens to be my birthday. This year is the biggest so far with almost all the venue at PWTC building used by the exhibitors.

My favourite booth will be SELVAM MAGAZINES where imported mag like esquire,men's journal and all my fav baseball mag (although backdated issues) were sold at RM 3 each. Also there's another booth selling political books at RM 5 each (I can't remember the company name). Karangkraf is the biggest exhibitor for this year where the whole hall at the first floor is theirs and for malay novel lovers that is the place to go.

The other reason I decided to go during the last day is to try my luck on the last day clearance discount but only few booth did that and mostly children books. Overall it was much bigger than the previous one with more participation but probably the organizer should start thinking about finding a bigger location.



~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Salam, Rizal! Thanks for the heads up on the KLIBF! Looks like I missed it again this year. When I was young I used to look forward to the discounted imported magazines too! Now that I am older I have no time for magazines. I used to collect football mags and World Cup Yearbooks.

louis said...

You must have been happy celebrating your birthday doing what you enjoy doing: browsing at a book fair. Best wishes, Rizal.



Thanks for your comment. Imported magazines especially at a discounted price is my favourite item. Glad to know that you're football fan and from your blog profile I can sense youre one of the KOP followers anything that is not related to Man U is ok for me hehehehe


Hello louis,

thanks for the wishes my friend. Hope you'll get your iPad soon

Rizal said...

selvam punya kedai kat man?