Monday, March 22, 2010


ZORBING ...(not this year, probably not next year....)

KMX rider patrolling the area......(it's not cheap)

The Levi's Jean Balloon

This is what you get for RM 10 plus the long queue ...a 20 feet balloon ride

This is taken at 8.15 am amazed at how early the arrive

The balloons

The queue

The .....Mr Darth (what a surprise)

I've never been on a hot air balloon (imagine being in a small basket and lifted by a big balloon) but when the above event was held in PutraJaya I've decided not to missed it. I was told by few friends to be there early so we manage to arrive at the location roughly around 7.45 am and to our surprise it was jam pack (maybe next year we should be there by 5 am ....)

There was a very long queue for people who have paid to ride the hot air balloon and although it's only a short ride the number of people waiting in the line is amazingly a lot. Well probably next year we'll give it a try.

Apart from the hot air balloon exhibition other attraction such as the remote control plane, go cart, mini superbike, ZORBING,water balloon and others manage to get the crowd attention. My 2 kids manage to persuade me to pay for the 15 minutes ride of a unique bicycle called KMX bike costing RM 20 !!!!

Obviously another well plan event and will make sure that for next year fiesta we'll try the hot air balloon. Morning is the best time to go since the weather is better, once the sun is up it can be a bit hot so plan your journey well.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Dear Rizal,

Hey, I was there too, and I have just posted my entry on the event! The crowds were horrendous -- everyone seemed to arrive on Saturday late in the afternoon to wait for the Night Glow and fireworks. Saaay, we could make a killing next year selling cold drinks out of an icebox in our cars. All the stalls ran out of cold drinks by 6 p.m. or so. What say you, Mr. Rizal? Business joint venture?

Glad your kids had fun! Those recumbent bike things look awesome but yes, all the rides were too expensive and the queues were too long.



thanks for dropping by. hopefully for the next year event the organizer will learn from this year problem (especially parking space) and organized better fiesta.

Business JV ? hmmmm can be discussed further bro ... said...

Wow - for sure my kid will miss the Darth Vader.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

looks like tons of people wanted a piece of the action!I would too if I were there!The rides sound expensive. Anyhow, your kids had a nice time and will come again.


salam bro lukman,

no worries next year ada lagi ...kot-kot ada avatar punye lak ...


hello keat,

thanks for dropping by. yup it was a very good and unusual experience. Planning to go there again next year

Yanti Arshad said...

dear rizal,

agak2 berbaloi tak bayar RM10 to ride a 20 feet hot ballon, long-q, panas terik...?

p/s: purposely tak nak join d event for both years sebab sure banyak habis duit & bersesak2... but deep down inside me, nak jugak rasa xprnce tu. :-)

my is me said...

salam yanti,

heheheh ...kami pun tak naik ...q panjang sangat. Tu la bila dah panas dah tak best year kalau plan nak gi ..pegi pagi-pagi ...kul 11 pagi dah boleh balik ...