Monday, March 8, 2010


standing row, 3rd from left

Looking very confident, first row, first form left

Standing, first from right

Standing, 7th from right

3rd from right, front row

I was a between moderate to good rugby player during my student days. When I join Sekolah Alam Shah in 1986 immediately I was asked to join a rugby selection exercise due to my size (which was big for a form 1 student) and the rest was history.

During my playing time among the highlight was several trip to other boarding school like MCKK, STJ,MOZAC and others. I still remember how intense the game between our traditional rival either Selangor Science School or the Royal Military College. I've had few injuries here and there but overall the game teach me on how to be a responsible person and a better perspective on working in a team.

I just want to share some very old picture showing me and my team. Thanks to FaceBook the photo was able to be shared with the rest of the team members.



Idi said...

Good old days..


salam idi...

hehehehe ..kenangan lama ...semangat untuk aku exercise tak dpt kurus cam dulu pun dpt separuh kurus pun ok la bro

Rozniza Ali said...

go... go... boss,

tp mcm x caya iyer yg tu boss ;)


heheheh ..salam niza ...heheheh saya pun macam tak caya itu saya hehehehe

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Wow, Rizal, you will have all the ladies swooning over you for having posted these photos of your macho and athletic younger self!

Me, I threaten to kill anyone who posts a photo of me in my schooldays! My twin brother has been on the receiving end of many such threats!

Rizal said...

my 'mate' wan azlan was spotted in all the photo....go wak sir!