Sunday, January 9, 2011


The famous Shah Alam mosque

Roller blading is allowed

The little one is enjoying the picnic (thanks IKEA for the blue bag)

The lake

Lake cruise is also provided

Enjoying the food

I'm a firm believer of family comes first ...and one of my favourite past time is family outing. So far one of the cheapest way is to utilize the public parks. It's free and complete with almost everything.

One of our best public park is the Shah Alam Lake Park located just 20 minutes drive from our house. The last that we have was a morning picnic (it was a last minute decision ...) . The first thing to do once we're there is to find the picnic spot. Picnic bench is provided and if it's full you can always go for the gazebos or even lay down on the picnic mat.

While enjoying the breakfast, the kids can have fun at the playground. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee with "ROTI CANAI" while reading the morning newspaper and without the interference from the kids.

Looking forward to the next outing



louis said...

What a friendly smile your little daughter put on for the camera:) Must have been a delightful family gettogether. The mosque looks very majestic.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Your little daughter is adorable, Abang Rizal! Your children will remember these weekend picnics in years to come. Sure beats vegging out in front of the TV or doing the weekend shopping mall crawl!