Monday, February 14, 2011


The artificial snow , even they setup a frozen river
They family in cold mood
Baby wafi is enjoying the moment

Happily ever after

There's a place not far from my house (near Shah Alam) called National Botanical Garden, and the highlight is the 4 season house.

It's a simulation kind of area where it will simulates whatever weather that the 4 season country is having . For example at this point of time the 4 season house is simulating winter season complete with artificial snow (they bring down the temperature).

So last thaipusam public holiday I manage to bring my family to experience winter. It's almost like the real one and even they setup a snow man. The crowd surprisingly was not that much probably because it's winter and it's minus 7 (which is really cold for a typical malaysian like us).

Anyway it's a very good experience. The 4 season house has been there since the 90s and my first experience was not bad at all.


louis said...

What a clever idea, that Four Seasons House. I especially like that picture of all your family warming their hands. Minus 7 is cold by anyone's standards:)

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

What fun, Abang Rizal! It's a good alternative for those of us who can't afford a European jaunt just yet! I went to the 4 Season House when it was springtime in there.