Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Apple with asam boi ( sedap )

It's easy to notice the sign board from main road

The family

The 'bad' cheese steak ....(macam getah pemadam)

Happy hours

Makan time ...

My sister always mentioned about this restaurant , quoting that it's the best western food offering in Kulim ...hmmmmmm sounds interesting. Personally I'm a big fan of a good medium done steak and hearing about a good eating spot like this interest me a lot ..

So during our last balik kampung trip I bring the whole troop to Chef Det. It's located in Kilang Lama (rumah Iffil Mia ) and you can see the sign from the main road. I've ordered the best steak in the Menu ....Cheese Steak ..medium done others ordered lamb chop, chicken chop and others.

After 15 minutes the menu delivered, hmmmmm not sure what is the problem but the steak was really bad .....I might probably go back but not for the steak


ComeyBelako said...

I had sour experienced here last nite. Nanti ada masa will write one. Hmmm...

--iffil-- said...

Salam bro. First of all, so happy to see hang masih active update this blog. I always find your blog very informative. Secondly, ada tempat yg lebih menarik utk western food di Kulim :-) Nanti, dtg lagi, I show you where. Aku nak jenguk blogsite aku kejap... ntah brp inci sawang daa. Selamat Hari Raya Haji!