Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Spacious .....

Abang Zaini's house in Kulim

5D 204 members ....(1992-1996)

I really like this setup

Both of our youngest connected

Abang Zaini was my one and only room mate during UUM days. I'm not sure why but for 4 years we've been in the same room 5d 204 (Kolej EON) without having to move to another room or colleges.

Both of us graduated in 1997 and since then I've never had the chance to meet him again. I know that he's into teaching and once was posted to Sabah. During the last school break I've tried to look for him (in FB) and alhamdulillah we're connected again.

He's currently based in Kulim and his house is about 10 minutes drive from my parent's house. After almost 15 years finally the 5D 204 members are back together. And I've made a promise to him to visit him every time I'm back to Kulim.

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