Thursday, July 10, 2008


Everybody knows that Roman has given a blank check to Scolari to prepare the BLUES for next
season. However the big question who will be in and out of the squad? DECO (I would say a good buy) is definitely in but what about the rest ....Talk of the town were saying that E'to,Kaka and Ronaldinho are in the shopping list.
As a true blue, I'm not hoping for all the best player in the world to be available in Stamford Bridge ..but I do hope Mr Scolari would inject some free flow attacking football to the team next season.
They'll be coming to Malaysia end of July and I'll definitely be there.


Rentap Iban said...

I think, next year will be Liverpool year...If you are proud with your new players, please look at our new players too..(visit Amat library blog...)

nzafrie said...

i heard david villa will arrived at anfield??so what do u think..hehehe

rauhunt said...

Really pissed off with Deco. Why on earth (for money sake I presume)he moved to stamford bridge. He used to be my top-list as Barca is coming here next week.

Zaki said...

Only Jose Mourinho can bring CUP to Stamford Bridge. Pls let Roman know this FACT.