Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I manage to grad a ticket at the stadium shah alam ticket counter 45 mins before the game started. it was like being at the Stamford Bridge with so many (mostly Malaysians) football fans wearing chelsea related attire.

LFS does fielded a very strong lineup which includes Cech,JT,Carvalho and others including the impressive Deco. Watching him played last night do make me feel he'll be one of the factor for the blues to succeed next season.

The stadium was almost full, probably about 80% (that is 60,000 people) and the atmosphere was as equal as the EPL match day. I wish we can have similar scenario for our local football scene.

Final score was 2-0 to chelsea but the national team do played well with few chances of their own. And our keeper Hilmi Eliza played brilliantly to stop at least 5 clear chances. He's my man of the match or MVP for the match.

At last I could see my favourite team Chelsea in front of me playing in a EPL like surrounding. Looking forward for their next visit and also looking forward for the new season of EPL. Blues Rules !!!!!



nzafrie said...

haa..semalam mcm nak pi..tapi sebab rs tiket mahal tak jadik..:D(its not mean i'm chelsean)


mat semalam baru la aku tau yang kat malaysia ramai penyokong chelsea. Dah macam stamford bridge tu ...

Rentap Iban said...

tak sabar rasenyer nak tgk Liverpool membaham si Chelsea..Berhati-hatilah dgn Keane and Torres kita orang.

nzafrie said...

kalau liverpool mai kl, aku rs mcm anfield jgk la kot nanti..tapi takmo dok belakang gol la..sanggup bayar lebih sket..hehehe