Monday, September 8, 2008


I've read a very interesting book titled 'FISH" by S.C Lundin, who also happen to be the author of another great book titled " Who Moved My Cheese".

I did noticed an activity called personal time out and I think it's something that everybody should do. It's a time dedicated only to yourself and it can be done during sunday probably at a cafe while having your favourite "teh tarik" together with your favourite reading material.

I'm definitely going to start it soon.



the principal said...

Fish series ke?

I've read Who Moved My Cheese long time ago & rasanye ada a copy @ home.

My time-out : lepak kat MPH baca buku/mags free...

adifaizal said...

always enjoy mount climbing...
miss that cool and fresh air.


salam ,

mdm principal, betul la it's the fish series , simple but full of impact.


best jugak once a while dpt mount climbing ye ...dah tawan kinabalau ???

louis said...

Hi Rizal,
Do you have children?

I ask this because over here "Timeouts" are used effectively as a means of disciplining an unruly or very upset child in addition to the use you plan for yourself.

At school or at home, some quiet corner ( but not an unpleasant or threatening spot) is designated for timeouts. The agitated child is given a timeout of a few minutes at that location, not as a punishment but for reflection and emotional regrouping ("chilling out").

Works well.


hi louis,

thanks for the info. A very good psychological idea and I'll definitely try it to my son and daughter.

--iffil-- said...

fish is a good book :-)

keyword dia: have FUN!