Thursday, September 18, 2008


Most of my morning (working days) will start with a bit chaotic (and it can be worse than that). Since we do not have any maid, we've divided the morning task and I'm in charge of watering the plants (yep my mini garden) and preparing no 1 (my eldest son). No 2 (my daughter) is taken care by my wife.

Although the system looks in control but the truth is far from it ( i would say out of control). Since I've to make sure that we (me and No 1) leave the house at 7.00 am sharp, I tend to rush most of the processes. Finding the car key can be quiet challenging not to mention mobile phone, daily planner and others. Not sure if this happen to anybody else but I've to improvise the situation.

I've read a book about time management and one of the solution to my problem is to use a simple notice board just next to the door (and make sure it's the door you use to exit for work). You can list down any last minute check or any special instruction probably as a reminder and according to the author it works.

Looking forward to improve the morning chaos.



the principal said...

I have a big white board in my off, read many books on time management, planner, diary...but still I'm so disorganised. Lucky for me, Shahrul is the organise things terletak atas bahu dia to the extent of ensuring that my car & house keys, my handphone are at their respective place. His tagline, "everything has its place"

izwan ali wasi said...
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izwan ali wasi said...

i agree with you pak rizal. almost every day after taking shower, i've to spent my time to find my spectacle.he