Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Chicken rice , well everybody will agree with me if I say that this has been one of the most established ‘makan’ item in this country. I’m not really sure of the origin (that’s why we have search engine ...), but what I’m definitely sure is it’s goooddddddd.

Now, not for from my house ( 5 mins drive) there a small ‘village’ stall with a magic banner …”NASI AYAM RM 2.50 “ …a RM 2.50 chicken rice (complete set). Now if you’re thinking that something is not right with the printing, you’re wrong. It’s RM 2.50. That is one of the cheapest (this is 2011 !!!) where the average pricing probably is RM 5.00

Taste wise …not bad at all, the serving is just nice and the chicken was really good. This has been one of my family’ makan’ place since with a budget of RM 15 you can feed the whole family

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