Tuesday, August 2, 2011


IMAM MUDA…..is one of the reality show (similar to Akademi Fantasia) shown on Astro Oasis. This year it’s the second season and it’s more interesting since my office colleague Ustaz Hassan was one of the participant. So every Friday at 9 pm me and my family will be in front of the TV supporting Hassan.

Ustaz Hassan , after 9 weeks (if I’m not mistaken), was declared the winner. I’m not surprise because this individual has all the qualities in being a great Imam and in this case Imam Muda. Hassan will be very busy especially this year with Astro related event. However Ustaz Hassan do visit us at the office and as usual not to miss the opportunity I managed to ‘kidnapped’ Hassan for a quick ‘I want to have a picture with you’ session before Hassan went off.

Good luck to you Ustaz Hassan.

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